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If you are new to collecting or want to purchase a unique gift for a significant other, consider purchasing a Nostalgia Box!

The Nostalgia Box is a gift box of individually selected RETRO collectables based on your childhood. It is a blend of who YOU are as an individual. Just fill out the questionnaire for a hand picked giftbox of collectibles relative to your interests!

What's so unique?

- Every loot box is tailored to the individual.

- No t-shirts, coffee mugs, or the typical filler you don't have an interest in.

- High Value - each box's value is guaranteed to exceed what you pay!

- Limited Edition figures and collectibles inserted at random (more details to come!)

- Please see the video for more detail! (coming soon)

Retro Electro Questionnaire (far from finished)
Best Horror/Slasher Movie (choose up to 3)
Favorite Action Movie Hero (choose up to 3)
Favorite Adventure Story (choose up to 3)
Favorite Cult Classic (choose up to 3)
Favorite Adult Cartoon (choose up to 3)
Favorite TV Series (choose up to 3)

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you with more information shortly!

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