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Computer Repair

We repair laptops, tablets and all types of computers. We may be able to fix your old electronics, cell phones, and more! Advice is always Free!

- Computer Diagnostics / Fix minor Windows related issues - $35

- Replace Laptop/Cellphone screen - (price varies)

- Hourly rate for computers + electronics - $35/hr

- Refurbish NES Console - $20 (Eliminates flashing red light issue, Repairs Connector Pins, Cleans inside and out)

-3D Printing (see page)

-Virtual Reality (opening soon)


Other services offered:


Toy Grading Service

(Value assessment on Collectables - Sports Cards, Video Games, Action Figures!)

Graded by 2-3 professionals in multiple categories. Given an average score /100.

Using magnification and light, we analyze the appearance, originality and other fine details, our eyes compare your collectable against similar ones to give it a grade and (optionally) a value.

- Hockey/Sports cards Graded /100 - $5 per card. (10 card minimum)

- Video Games cartridges - (cartridge only) $5 per game (complete) $10 per game.

- Toys & Action Figures - (loose) $8 per figure. (sealed on card) $5 per item.


Price evaluation / appraisal (have your collection valued) $2 per item.

If you're looking to sell or just want to document the value of your collection, let us get you the most accurate, up-to-date pricing available!

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